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Donwood Manor Personal Care Home (PCH) > Resident Bill of Rights

We strive to enhance the quality of life of each individual, regardless of their physical or mental state, by providing opportunities for the individual or advocate to engage in meaningful and relevant choices. Every resident is entitled to the following rights.

The Right to Respect, Dignity & Courtesy
Every resident has the right to:
  • be treated with courtesy and respect and in a way that promotes his/her dignity and individuality
  • be addressed as he/she desires
The Right to Quality of Care & Continuity
Every resident has the right to:
  • expect competently trained, certified or registered caregivers
  • receive assistance and therapy towards independence
  • designate a responsible representative to act on his/her behalf in the event that health conditions preclude personal representation including any transfer for emergency hospitalization and/or treatment
  • have family members or significant others present twenty-four hours per day when death is imminent or during serious illness
  • be  properly fed and clothed and have your personal hygiene needs met
The Right to Protection from Abuse & Neglect
Every resident has the right to:
  • receive quality personal care free from mental, physical, verbal, emotional, sexual and financial abuse
  • report abuse without fear of reprisal
  • have reports of abuse investigated
  • be informed of the legal rights with regard to the reported abuse
The Right to Privacy and Confidentiality
Every resident has the right to:
  • be afforded privacy and sensitivity in treatment and in caring for his/her personal needs
  • communicate in confidence, to receive visitors of his/her choice, and to consult in private with any person including legal representatives as often as necessary without interference
  • have his/her medical records kept confidential in accordance with the law
  • confidentiality concerning personal mail
  • be alone, recognizing personal and facility safety concerns
The Right to Participate in Activities and Decision Making
Every resident has the right to:
  • be empowered to make choices in food, clothing, activities of daily living and recreation in a manner consistent with his/her needs
  • be responsible for their own actions and for the consequences resulting from them
  • manage his/her own financial affairs where able to do so
  • pursue social, cultural, religious and other interests to develop his/her potential and to be given reasonable provisions by the nursing home to accommodate these pursuits
  • to form friendships, and to enjoy relationships
  • to participate in the Residents' Council
The Right to Spiritual Care, and Freedom of Worship
Every resident has the right to:
  • follow his/her chosen religious worship and to be given reasonable provisions to accommodate these pursuits
  • receive individual counsel and prayer
  • receive support in dealing with issues of grief and loss
  • receive care for emotional and spiritual well-being
  • have access to church services and communion
The Right to Information and Freedom of Expression
Every resident has the right to:
  • be informed of his or her medical condition, treatment, and proposed course of treatment
  • give or refuse consent to treatment, including medication, in accordance with the law, and to be informed of the consequences of giving or refusing consent
  • have the opportunity to participate fully in making any decision and obtaining an independent medical opinion concerning any aspect of his/her admission, care, discharge or transfer to or from a nursing home
  • exercise his/her rights as a citizen.  To vote and to raise concerns or recommend changes in policies and services on behalf of him/herself or others to the Residents' Council, facility staff, government officials or any other person inside or outside the facility without fear of restraint, interference, coercion, discrimination or reprisal
  • have freedom of choice in expressing him/herself in cultural customs, practices, and language
The Right to a Clean, Safe, Homelike Environment
Every resident has the right to:
  • keep in his/her room personal possessions, pictures and furnishings in keeping with safety requirements of the home and other Resident's rights
  • live in a safe, clean environment
Resident's Responsibilities
The resident also has responsibilities to the home, and if unable to fulfil these responsibilities themselves, shall indicate prior to admission who the responsible party shall be.
  • To respect the Philosophy, Mission and Vision of Donwood Manor Personal Care Home
  • To respect the rights and values of other Residents and Staff
  • To accept the consequences of his/her decisions
  • To provide adequate clothing and personal supplies to meet his/her needs
  • To update information on contact persons or Power of Attorney
  • To maintain rent and trust fund accounts
  • To abide by the "No Smoking Policy"

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