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Your Gift Lasts a Lifetime
Many friends of Donwood are making an investment in the future by including Donwood in their estate planning. If you share their commitment to enhancing the quality of life of seniors, there are many ways you can help. People like you, who realize how important services and programs for the aged are, may want to remember Donwood in a meaningful way that will continue to show you care.

You could:
  • Include Donwood in your will,
  • Name Donwood as a beneficiary of a Life Insurance Policy,
  • Establish a Trust Fund, which would pay you, interest, generate a tax credit, and eventually benefit Donwood.
How Can I Include Donwood in My Will?
The procedure to include Donwood in a Will is simple and straightforward. You may include us as a beneficiary by either amending your present Will with a Codicil which names Donwood or by drawing up a new Will. Some people leave Donwood the remainder of their assets, after specifying bequests to family, friends and loved one. Your lawyer or financial advisor will assist you in adding the proper clauses to your Will.

Without a valid Will, your estate will be distributed according to the laws of your province.

How Can An Insurance Policy Help?
You can name Donwood to benefit from a new Life Insurance Policy and also receive Income Tax Receipts for premiums on the policy or you can assign fully paid Life Insurance Policies and receive a tax benefit. Your insurance advisor and/or financial advisor can provide the information you need on all aspects of the use of Life Insurance Policies for charitable giving.

Trust Plans
When you establish a special fund such as an Annuity or a Charitable Remainder Trust, it can be a donation to Donwood. The donation is held in trust for your lifetime and you receive the income generated by it. Donwood is the beneficiary of the capital of your trust. When you establish the Trust, Donwood will issue you a tax receipt according to a formula prescribed by Revenue Canada. The amount will depend on your age and the value of your contribution and may involve tax credits for up five years. Your financial advisor will help you assess the value to you of this type of gift.

Tax Advantages
When you include Donwood as a beneficiary in your Will, your estate receives a tax deduction on the final income tax return. When you purchase a new Life Insurance Policy and name Donwood as beneficiary, premium payments are tax deductible. When you establish a Living Trust, in one of several ways, and make Donwood the residual beneficiary, you receive the interest on your money and also receive a significant tax benefit. Please call Donwood at 668-4410 or e-mail us to determine how you can help.