Donwood Manor Board of Directors

The Donwood Manor Board of Directors is made up of sixteen volunteers from eight Mennonite Brethren member churches who generously give their time serving on the board as well as working on various board committees.

Marilyn Pankratz, Chairperson                         Gerald Konrad                 Larry Speiser

Susan Dowhayko, Vice-Chairperson             John Wiens                        Ed Lenzmann

David Woelk , Secretary                                       Mary Unruh                       Kathy Plett

Bertha Dyck, Treasurer                                         Lyall Wiebe                        Dave Froese

Pam Fast, Member at Large                               Helmut Kasdorf


The Donwood Foundation Board consist of nine directors, four from the Donwood Board and five from the community.

Mary Unruh, Foundation  Board Chair

Ed Lenzmann                             Edward (Leroy) Unrau            Linda Winia

Kathy Plett                                  Brian Loewen                              Debbie Kroeker

If you are interested in becoming a member of the Foundation Board please contact:

Paul Nyhof
Chief Executive Officer
Donwood Manor Personal Care Home Inc.
171 Donwood Drive
Winnipeg, MB R2G 0V9
Phone: (204) 668-4410
Fax: (204) 663-5429