Leadership Team



Executive  Team

Paul Nyhof – Chief Executive Officer

Jacqueline Fontaine, RN, BN – Chief Nursing Officer 

Amber Smith-Zaretzky, RN, BN – Director of Care

Kalene Mushumanski, CPA, CGA – Director of Finance & Administration 

Carlyle Paetkau – Director of Operations

Laurel Holland – Director of Human Resources

Leadership Team

Angel Yutuc, LPN – Resident Care Manager, First Floor

Ruth Murawski, LPN – Resident Care Manager, 2 South

Marlyn Axalan – Resident Care Manager, 2 North

Sherryl Koop – Chaplain

Katherine Rackham, RD – Manager of Dietary / Dietitian 

Jennifer Kappy – Tenant Resource Coordinator & Volunteer Resources Manager