Statement on 



In response to the Federal and Provincial legislation arising from the Supreme Court of Canada’s judgment in Carter vs Canada (2015), the Donwood Board of Directors has established its position on Medical Assistance in Dying (MAID).

Donwood Manor Personal Care home is a Mennonite healthcare facility that affirms the sanctity of human life through the continuum of birth to death.  We continue to serve the healthcare needs of elders as a faith-based care provider, retaining our Mennonite heritage, and affirming Scripture as authoritative in its objection of the taking human life.

In keeping with our understanding of Scripture that all life is a sacred gift from God, we respect the dignity and value intrinsic to each resident at Donwood.  We strive to provide resident-centred care and support, honouring the dignity of each resident with respect and compassion according to our Christian values until occurs. when an individual expresses the wish to die, we recognize this request as an expression of suffering and distress.  We will respond to this distress with kindness and compassion, exploring the causes of this suffering and making every effort to provide comprehensive physical, emotional, and Spiritual support in collaboration with palliative care or other experts.

When requested, Donwood will provide access to information about Medical Aid in Dying (MAID), all allow the legislated MAID assessment procedure to take place at Donwood.  However, Donwood will not participate in the administration or performance of MAID.  Donwood staff will not participate in or perform interventions as part of the MAID process which result in a medically hastened death at any of our facilities.  When the assessment process leads to the planned provision of MAID, the individual will be transferred to an approved facility outside of Donwood.  So long as any resident lives at Donwood, we will strive to provide care with the utmost compassion and respect in accordance with our Christian faith.