Personal Care Home (PCH)

Eligibility for Personal Care Home Placement is based on a multidisciplinary assessment conducted through the Long Term Care Access Centre and Panel Review Board. The assessment is carried out on the applicant either in the community through the Home Care Program or in the hospital. The completed assessment is presented to the Panel Review Board which includes physicians and staff from the Long Term Care Access Centre and Home Care. The day the application is approved by the Panel Review Board is referred to as the Panel Date. Applicants accepted for placement by the Panel Review Board are placed on a waiting list to the Personal Care Home of their choice. Temporary placement to an Interim Long Term Care facility may occur while waiting for permanent placement.

The Long Term Care Access Centre provides Donwood Manor with applications. As vacancies and admissions occur the Long Term Care Access Centre will send applications to ensure that Donwood Manor has the required number of applications on hand. When Donwood Manor receives the application, a pre-admission assessment is completed to ensure the Personal Care Home can meet the individual’s needs. Donwood Manor may decline an application if the individual’s care needs can not be met by the facility. Donwood Manor admits residents according to appropriate unit/room vacancy.

Prior to admission offer at Donwood Manor, the applicant is required to complete the Resident Admission Agreement. When a suitable vacancy occurs, the applicant is notified by Donwood Manor and an admission date is set.

The majority of the rooms are single occupancy. There are a total of nine double occupancy rooms. In general, a resident is admitted to a double room and then placed on a waiting list for a single room. The resident is assigned a room based on her/his care needs. Changes in the resident’s condition may result in a transfer to another room and/or unit so that their care needs continue to be met.

Due to care needs, residents who are on continuous oxygen, dialysis and/or tube feedings can not be admitted into Donwood Manor.

Donwood Manor is a non-smoking facility. Residents must be a non smoker for a minimum of one year prior to consideration for admission.