Services Offered

  • Memorial Services
  • Communion Services
  • On-Unit Worship Services
  • Mass
  • English Bible Study
  • German Bible Study

What Is Spiritual Care?

The transition from independent living to becoming a resident in a personal care home is not easy. This move can create mixed feelings and emotional pain.  Through Spiritual Care, families and residents are provided with someone to talk to about their struggles.

Everyone is at a different place in their spiritual journey.  Chaplains are trained to work with people who come from different religious backgrounds as well as those who have no formal religious beliefs.

Spiritual support respects the belief that spiritual and emotional pain should be treated just as physical pain.  All of us are spiritual people, and even though we may not be affiliated with a church, we still may have spiritual struggles and questions that we need help with.  Spiritual Care staff is available to visit residents and family members of any faith, or if you wish, will contact your particular faith organization.  Your minister, priest or rabbi is welcome to visit at any time.

Difficult Questions

There are many questions that people may struggle with, such as:

  • Why me?
  • Is God punishing me?
  • What good am I?
  • Does God hear me?

We offer a caring presence as you think about these difficult questions at this particular time in your life.  We would like you to find hope, peace and meaning.

Resident Support

Many residents are experiencing multiple losses and challenges at this time of life, including:

  • Loss of independence
  • Loss of self-worth
  • Loss of meaning and purpose
  • Loss of abilities
  • Feeling of abandonment
  • Need for encouragement
  • Need for validation and affirmation as a person
  • Need for companionship

Recognizing and speaking with someone about these issues will help with the transition from independence to continuous care.

Family Support

Family members also deal with grief issues related to placing their loved one in a personal care home.  They may include:

  • Guilt of placement
  • Dealing with the devastating effects of Alzheimer’s
  • Grieving the loss of family life as they knew it
  • Wishing for a loved one to die and then feeling guilt about the thought
  • Loneliness for spouse/parent
  • Pressure of coping with needs of our loved ones in a care home while trying to maintain own family and work structure

Spiritual Care staff are available to listen to concerns and offer helpful support. 

Staff Support

Spiritual Care is available to staff through weekly group devotions and one-on-one active listening and prayer. Training courses on Palliative Care (death and dying) are provided. Donwood Manor also sponsors staff attendance at related workshops and seminars in the community.

On-Unit Worship Services

Worship services in both English and German are held in the auditorium and are provided by various Mennonite churches.

They are interdenominational in nature.  The service consists of a time of singing, a brief message or meditation and special music.  All residents are welcome to attend.  Arrangements can be made for volunteers to escort residents to the service.  Families are also welcome to attend.

9:30 – 10:00 am
English Bible Study
German Bible Study

Roman Catholic Mass (bi-weekly)

Memorial Services

Mass & Communion Services